Tukairangi Gallery

Ross and Annie Palmer are some of New Zealand's foremost potters.
Tukairangi Gallery is less than 5 km from our lodge.

Here are Ross and Annie in Tukairangi Gallery surrounded by their work. Ross describes himself as a 'painter on clay' and when you see his work you will understand why. Annie is a potter in her own right but many of the ideas for glazes and their combinations originate with her. Ross and Annie 'spark off' each other; they each inspire the other to new heights in creativity. We have several of their pieces in our Lodge. 

Ross and Annie have big hearts. They welcome people to their gallery and love to talk about their work and what it is they are attempting to achieve through their art. 

We are lucky to have them as our friends. 

Posted by David Bridson on December 12, 2020