Lodge Group Bookings

How would you like to relax with a group of friends or family in a quiet, rural setting? 

We hosted this lovely group of friends from Auckland over Easter 2021. While they all live in Auckland, Kate is the only one born in New Zealand. Shea comes originally from South Africa, Chris and James from England, Anais from Strasbourg, France and Mattias from Argentina. They are diverse vocationally too, Three are fitness instructors, two are teachers and one works for a finance company. 

Clockwise from left, Chris, Kate, James, Shea, Anais, Mattias.

The group helped Anias celebrate her thirtieth birthday while she was here. The rest of the group are in their twenties and thirties. 

"It was so good getting away to such a peaceful and quiet spot," said Chris. "We loved the spa pool, the understated luxury, and having drinks and snacks up at the gazebo. The view from up there is amazing," he remarked, referring to the views of farmland, Lake Taupo, Mt Tauhara and Taupo town. 

Acacia Heights Gardens is about three and a half hours from Auckland, two hours from Hamilton, Tauranga or Napier and five hours from Wellington so is centrally located. We are also about five minutes from Taupo town. 

There is plenty to do in Taupo. 

Or else... you can do what this group did... and just... relax. 

Why not book out the entire guest wing of the lodge as this group did? You can book three rooms virtually for the price of two. Simply navigate to BOOK ONLINE, then select the fifth option, Lodge Guest Wing as illustrated below:



Posted by David Bridson on May 10, 2021