Guest access

We were thinking especially of people with disabilities and those in wheelchairs, but it has been no fun for guests trying to pull their wheeled suitcases over the stones either. We hope it is an improvement.

We have been aware for some time that it has been difficult to pull wheeled suitcases around to the guest entrance. It has also been difficult for people in wheelchairs. 

Some of our guests have commented about this when we have asked for helpful comments and suggestions. It seems that the project has been a very long time in the gestation but at the end of the first week in December 2020, the path has been completed. We are delighted with the result and we hope you are too. 

We have wisteria growing up the new pergola I built during COVID-19 lockdown and installed muted lighting to guide the way for guests at night time. Eventually, with the wisteria covering the pergola, the effect will be complete. 

We hope you find the access to your liking!

Posted by David Bridson on December 03, 2020