Acacia Heights Gardens is a boutique Lake Taupo lodge where you can relax and be refreshed in a beautiful natural environment. 

Your Kiwi hosts, David and Heather Bridson, welcome you to our beautiful property.

In our main house we have three rooms available, each with a private bathroom, large super king bed and deluxe linen and fittings. There are wonderful outdoor seating areas and a spa pool.

Also available is Cherry Tree Cottage, a self-contained cottage sleeping up to four people with its own private spa pool.

Book direct and get a daily discount of $20. 

To access this offer, please use the discount code ‘direct’. 

  • Book direct
  • Keep profits in New Zealand
  • Buy local

We hope your stay with us will become a special memory.



We live in a beautiful rural environment on 0.6 hectares (1.6 acres) which is peaceful and quiet. Right next to us is a large reserve held in trust which is accessible to our guests and members of the public.

We are committed to having an environmentally sustainable and regenerative focus. To do this we:

  • installed a $20,000 state-of-the-art waste water treatment system which eliminates nitrogen and run-off that could otherwise end up in Lake Taupo. Run-off from the system is used to irrigate our garden, berries, grapes and fruit trees
  • provide safe filtered water sterilised with UV light for our guests, to eliminate plastic water bottles 
  • recycle paper, glass, category 1 and 2 plastics and metals. This reduces refuse going to landfill
  • use a worm farm to process vegetable waste. ‘Worm tea’ and castings are used on our herb, rose and vegetable gardens as organic plant food
  • compost green waste including grass cuttings and leaves to keep our vegetable and berry gardens healthy 
  • mulch tree prunings to feed our gardens
  • grow organic vegetables, fruit, berries and grapes in season so we can share them with guests 
  • plant trees and shrubs continuously in order to help carbon dioxide capture both on our own property and in the reserve
  • trap rodents on our own property and in the reserve. This is part of the Predator Free Taupo initiative to eliminate pests